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Sananga eye drops. I filtered the Sananga liquid so it contains no residues of plant matter. This Sananga is completely clean, fresh and strong. Available in 5 ml and 10 ml cobalt blue glass bottles with a dropper.

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This is special forest liquid extract with a strong connection to shamanic medicines and its unique healing qualities, I wish you will find this a meaningful addition to the assortment of Orisha Ossain.

The Shrub

The Amazonian Indians call the sananga shrub “Apocynaceae”. Within sanganga there are 2 variations. Their Latin names are Tabernaentana Undalata and Tabernaentana Sahanho. The undalata type seems to be more present in Peru and the sahanho comes from Brazil. I have been told that there are another 2 sub-varieties but that’s where the information ends. Not all know analytical knowledge about sanaga is available to us and that’s how it is. In the end, we can only really connect with medicine when we use it. Information is helpful but can be also distracting or even misleading when not all the details are known. Real knowledge is always inside always the medicine.

close up of an Indain recieving a treatment with Sananga eyedrops, Tabernaentana Sahanho

Tribal usage

Various Amazonian tribes use sananga eye drops to improve their hunting skills. The spirit of sananga helps to cleanse deeply on an energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual level. It also helps to unblock all chakras and release any stuck energy.

Traditionally the tribes use the eye-drops to clear “panemas”. Think about panemas as bad luck in hunting and life. Depression, laziness, lack of motivation, poor concentration, bad moods, temper tantrums, sadness and low mood. It positively influences all factors that attract difficulties and dis-ease.

Several tribes in the Amazon use sananga to improve their hunting skills giving them a kind of a night vision. It also gives more depth of perception and crisper more refined eyesight and helps improving long and short-sightedness. This way it helps the Indians to see the smallest movements in the forest as they hunt and gives them the power to travel through the dense forest.

close up of 2 hands one holding a knife, shredding Sananga root, Tabernaentana Undalata, Tabernaentana Sahanho

The preparation

Sananga is made by soaking the root/bark of the shrub in water. First, the roots have to be cleaned well, After the cleaning, the roots are peeled off their outer layer. These roots are left for several hours in the water. A quite simple extraction method, almost like making thee.

A quote

Tuin Hua Kaxinawá, shaman of the village of Caucho explains the purpose of sananga.

“The eyes are the windows to everything we see and design. Our eyes store everything on it even our history. The spirit of Sananga facilitates healing. It expels all the ills of soul and matter. ”

Benefits of Sananga

The Amazonian tribes know about the benefits of sananga eye drops for centuries or even longer. In the last decade, this medicine and its benefits are also reaching the rest of the world. People often use sananga before an ayahuasca/kambo ceremony or as a stand-alone treatment.

On an energetic level, sananga helps open the inner vision, the third eye, visions. It activates the pineal gland, and clears all mental confusion. It also relieves negative thoughts and deeply cleanses the entire aura from the inside out.

A summary of sananga’s potential power.

– Detoxifies the body.
– Increases visual perception and improves colors.
– Removed long-term inner anger.
– Gives a reset to the energetic field.
– Treats mental illnesses caused by negative energies in the body.

It also helps to re-align and open up all of the chakras, particularly the third eye and crown chakra. Sananga has the potential to increase your visualization and spiritual ideas. Other traditional uses include the use as a febrifuge, emetic, diuretic, soothing, and for many others including skin conditions. Sananga also helps to alleviate dental problems. It also counteracts wounds and cures various eye injuries.

Another important healing aspect of the Apocynaceae family is its antimicrobial activity. Sananga is a potent antioxidant, anticancer, antifebrile, anti-inflammatory, antimycobacterial, and antimicrobial. Sanamga can also help to release past traumas. It helps to release any stuck negative energies and close holes in our auric fields. It also aids lucid dreaming.

An interesting article about sananga: Scientific Studies Hint at How Sananga Eye Drops Treat Ocular Diseases

How to administer sananga

Sananga is best applied by a friend while you are laying down in a comfortable place. The receiver keeps his eyes closed. Two drops are placed on the inner side of your eye sockets. Now you open your eyes so the drops can flow on your eyeballs. The effect is instantaneously and depending on the strength of the Sananga it can be mild but in general, it is quite strong. This treatment can be quite painful. Keep your eyes closed breathe deeply and relax in this force. After the power diminishes open your eyes again to continue the process.


Over time the sananga eye drops lose its force. Therefore it is important to keep it in a cool and dark place. your refrigerator is the best place. Shake well prior to use.