Rapé Seté Ervas

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This a fresh batch of Seté Ervas Rapé. The Portuguese word “ervas” means herbs. Seté is seven. Seven different herbs make this one-of-a-kind Rapé.
Names: Seté Ervas, 7 ervas
Origin: São Paulo
Composition:  tsunu ash, Artemisia, basil, chamomile, fennel, lavender, rosemary, and sage.


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Rapé Seté Ervas

This a fresh batch of Seté Ervas Rapé. The Portuguese word “ervas” means herbs. Seté is seven. So, seven different herbs make this one-of-a-kind Rapé. This Rapé comes from Carlito from Sao Paulo. The seven used herbs are a mixture of medicinal and aromatic plants.
This is a light brown and medium strength Rapé with a broad spectrum. It is designed to give a full 7 chakra cleaning.

About the Maker

My friend Carlito from Sao Paulo made this Rapé. He practices various forms of plant-medicine work like all of my contacts do. In this work, he received instructions to open his path to Rapé. He has followed the instructions he received and has been making Rapé for several years now. Even without a connection with indigenous Indians, he learned to make high-quality types of Rapé and is still learning.

Carlito showed me the little altar space where he keeps his Rapé. Before any of his own rapé leave his house it stays in a room. Surrounded by various crystals and placed under a pyramid the Rapé stays there for a week.
At various moments in this period, he enters this room and prays towards the Rapé. A week of energizing and prayers is the final part of the work. The Rapé is ready now.

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Handling & Sorting

I sieve this Rapé Seté Ervas and all other snuff coming from my shop through a 120-micron high-grade stainless steel mesh. I also store the Rapé stock dry and in vacuum containers to prolong freshness and quality.

This results in.

  • an extremely fine powder.
  • a guaranteed consistent fineness
  • optimal absorption of the snuff