Rapé Sample Pack


If you like to test some rapé types place your sample pack order here.

A sample pack of 5 grams. Let me know about your sample types in the order note field on the checkout page.

Any mistakes in the note field are your responsibility. I will complete your sample pack to the best of my knowledge.

The number of sample packs you can put in your basket is limited to two.
two packs/ten grams is the maximum order possible.



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Here you can select a sample pack of 5 grams of rapé. you can put a maximum of 2 sample packs in your basket.

A single sample pack can be any type of rapé or various types of rapé up to 5 grams!

Please inform me through the note filed in the checkout what your order will be. the note field is at the bottom of the Shipping & Billing page in the checkout.