Rapé Nissural

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This Rapé Nissural Katukina is robust shamanic snuff with deep earthly sensations.

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Rapé Nissural

This rapé nissural is robust shamanic snuff with deep earthly sensations. Nissural is a medicinal herb. It brings long-lasting strength with nice relaxing power. Nissural helps to improve blood circulation. It also reduces stress and headaches. It is a good protector against negative energies.

Nissural is a medicinal plant traditionally used by the Kaxinawa tribe but has found its way in as an ingredient of Rapé from various tribes. Nissural is considered a healing herb. According to the Kaxinawa  Nissural has the power to heal, whether used in a Rapé of for example a bath. In their native language, Nissu means disease, and ral means healing. So, it’s the healer of diseases.

Nissural is closely related to the herb Katsaral (Catsaral). No other (scientific) information is available about this wonderful herb. The moment I receive this information I will share it with you.

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About the Tribe

The Katukina or Catuquina are an indigenous group who live in southwestern Brazil at the border of the Amazonas and Acre. They are the traditional carriers of rapé knowledge in the Amazonian region. They number approximately 450 individuals. Katukina people call themselves: People of heaven, people of the sun, and people of the otter.

Five linguistically distinct but geographically proximate indigenous groups, Katukina or Catuquina, Katokina, Katukena, Katukino, is what we now call the Katukina. The Katukina are a tribe that is very connected to the usage of sacred plants. They consider themselves as the first tribe to receive the Kambo medicine straight from the frog. They still carry a vast knowledge about plants and the spirit of the world. Their Rapé is strong and deep, and it carries the wild and powerful spirit of the jungle.

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Handling & Sorting

I sieve this Rapé Nissural and all other snuff coming from my shop through a 120-micron high-grade stainless steel mesh. I also store the Rapé stock dry and in vacuum containers to prolong freshness and quality.

This results in.

  • an extremely fine powder.
  • a guaranteed consistent fineness
  • optimal absorption of the snuff