Rapé Murici Cactus

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Rapé Murici Cactus is a one of a kind rapé with medium to strong strength. A mix of corda with Murici ash. What makes this rapé from the Katukini special is the addition of the pulverized cactus

Composition: Selenicereus grandiflorus, Murici ash, and Corda.

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Rapé Murici Cactus

Rapé Murici Cactus is a one-of-a-kind rapé with medium to strong strength. A mix of moi with Murici ash. What makes this rapé from the Katukini special is the addition of the pulverized cactus, “Selenicereus grandiflorus”.  also known as “Queen of the Night”

Chakras: Cardiac and Coronary.

Queen of the Night

Scientific Name: Cactus Selenicereus grandiflorus

The cactus is well known, especially because of its very large flowers. The cactus flowers at night and the flowers only stay open for a few hours. Popular Names: night flower; prom flower; fragrant flower; large-flowered cactus; mandacaru; Mexico-candle; silk flower; spiny torch; spinal cactus, cardon, giant, and flower queen.

Indications: The plant offers mental and emotional benefits. Its consumption provides an increase in blood circulation in the brain and, consequently, increases the functioning of neurotransmitters.
Cardiac and circulatory disorders, rheumatism, congestion and irritation of the heart, palpitations, overexcitation, pneumonia; congestive asthma, chronic breathlessness, and headaches. Excellent in heart disorders due to abuse of coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages. It relieves heart irritation without harming the nervous system.

FLowering Cactus Selenicereus grandiflorus with humanhand in picture to show size, Rapé murici cactus

The queen of the night (Selenicereus grandiflorus) is a climbing, crawling, semi-epiphytic, torn cactus. The slender, up to 1 m long, slender, five to eight-ribbed, and triangular or square cross-section stems climb tree trunks or walls in height and form a dense weave of twigs. Roots often form at the nodes and ends with which the plant attaches itself to the substrate.

the katukina use the dried catus in their rapé murici cactus
The cactus forms very large flowers that open at night and usually stay open for only a few hours. The flower reaches a length of 25 cm and a diameter of 30 cm at the top.

About the Tribe

The Katukina or Catuquina are an indigenous group who live in southwestern Brazil at the border of the Amazonas and Acre. They are the traditional carriers of rapé knowledge in the Amazonian region. They number approximately 450 individuals. Katukina people call themselves: People of heaven, people of the sun, and people of the otter.

Five linguistically distinct but geographically proximate indigenous groups, Katukina or Catuquina, Katokina, Katukena, Katukino, is what we now call the Katukina. The Katukina are a tribe that is very connected to the usage of sacred plants. They consider themselves as the first tribe to receive the Kambo medicine straight from the frog. They still carry a vast knowledge about plants and the spirit of the world. Their Rapé is strong and deep, and it carries the wild and powerful spirit of the jungle.

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Handling & Sorting

I sieve this Rapé Murici Cactus and all other snuff coming from my shop through a 120-micron high-grade stainless steel mesh. I also store the Rapé stock dry and in vacuum containers to prolong freshness and quality.

This results in.

  • an extremely fine powder.
  • a guaranteed consistent fineness
  • optimal absorption of the snuff