Rapé Ipê Roxo

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Rapé Ipê Roxo utilises the trunk ash of the Ipê Roxo tree. People who know what I do and how I work know all types I present here are unique in their special way. Rapé Ipê Roxo has a wonderful character for you to be discovered.

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Rapé Ipê Roxo

This is the newest addition to a list of rapé types that are made by a younger generation of Brazilian rapé aficionados. Rapé ipe roxo is not made in the forest but in the city of Sao Paulo. It comes from a young Caboclo friend of mine whose excellent tsunu Jurema rapé holds a special place in my shop.

Rapé Ipê Roxo utilises the trunk ash of the Ipê Roxo tree.

More information to come soon

At the moment I still waiting to get a bit more information about this rapé. I am presenting Rapé Ipê Roxo with incomplete information but I will update this page as soon as possible.

Handroanthus impetiginosus/Ipê Roxo

is a tree in the family Bignoniaceae, distributed throughout North, Central, and South America, from northern Mexico south to northern Argentina. It thrives within dense primary forests and in open and secondary formations.

Handroanthus impetiginosus / Rapé Ipê Roxo
Handroanthus impetiginosus / Ipê Roxo

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Handling & Storing

I sieve this Rapé Ipê Roxo and all other snuff coming from my shop through a 120-micron high-grade stainless steel mesh. I also store the Rapé stock dry and in vacuum containers to prolong freshness and quality.

This results in.

  • an extremely fine powder.
  • a guaranteed consistent fineness
  • optimal absorption of the snuff